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#0 Sid Wilson

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Nickname: 'Monkeyboy', 'Rat Boy' 

Born: 15/03/1978

Sid is one crazy dude. He's known to be really sarcastic, and he claims he suffers from 'organic brain syndrome'. Sid and Shawn (6) maintain a rivalry, which usually breaks out as violence on stage. Sid is definitely one of the craziest members of the band, for example, he has stage dived from a 2 storey balcony. Sid is the youngest member of the band, He has been described by Joey (1) as a "Lady's Man".Sid's Family were originally from England. Sid is said to be the crowd surfer of the band although he isnt the ownly one that does it, but he'll do some crazy stuff that the others wont touch with a ten foot pole.

Quote - "Wearing this mask prevents the oxygen from going to my skull. I get hallucinations and stuff. Half the time, I don't know what's going on around me. Its up to the clown to intimidate me and keep me in line."

"My name's Sid, I'm the DJ guy, I'm the filth epitome, #0"


Mask - Sid wears a variety of gas masks and has around 8 which all have names. MEANING: "That's too much of a deeper conversation to get into. You need much more time to ask me a question like that, Another time."

Rumour: On a Howard Stern show, Sid wanked in the corner of the room - make of it what you will.


Memorys From SlipKnot/Slayer: Sid's decks were positioned just behind where shawn's drum kit was, so it was again kinda hard to see him, but every so often you would see him run across the stage or hit shawn's kit, he dived across the stage and landed on chris's kit at one point, awww bless him.

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