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#7 Mick Thompson

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Nickname: "Log", "Molten Metal God"

Born: November 3, 1973

Mick is the lead guitarist of the band, And as you can see, He's Huge. He loves Serial Killers, And like all serial killer lovers, he likes cats. Mick is apparently a night person. he has previously had a job teaching guitar lessons which he still does today. Before the famous SlipKnot Jumpsuits Mick dressed himself up as Little Bo Peep. There have been Rumours that the old slipknot member Grouch was just Mick wearing a different mask, these Rumours are untrue.

Random Fact: James is actually taller than Mick, contrary to what it looks like and what most people think. James is 6'6" and Mick is 6'2".

Quote - "If I were a famous killer, I'd take some of the finer points of quite a few of them - Albert Fish and Ed Gein spring to mind. But I'm not a violent person by nature. Don't fuck with me, and you'll be fine."

Mask: He has several masks, one is a modified hockey mask, painted a yellowish gold with more custom features. His other is a mask made to look like metal, but is actually made from black leather.