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#1 Joey Jordison

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Nickname: Superball

Born: April 26, 1975

His real name is Nathan Jonas Jordison. He says he's 5'4 but in actual fact he is 5'3. He is an AMAZING drummer, and he also plays guitar for the Murderdolls. He's talkative, diminutive, and just a really down to Earth dude. He's the shortest guy in the band and is also one of the original members of Slipknot. Joey was the member of the band that came up with the name 'Maggots' to describe their fans. Joey has written many songs, including Scissors which appeared on the first album. Joey attained the nickname "Superball" after one show that Slipknot didnt play so good at, so he got mad and started "bouncing around the room" Although receiving bad grades in school, due to his devotion to his music, he eventually graduated with honours.


Joey often wears a black hoody that reads "little people kill people". The tribal 's' that is now used as a slipknot logo, was originally designed by Joey, and was a tatoo for Anders (former member of slipknot). Joey also drew the main Slipknot logo, and the large "K" and "T" may come from the fact that at that time he was a huge KoRn fan. Joey is a heavy death metal fan, he was a huge fan of the band 'Kiss' and another band he loved was "Black Sabbath". Joey used to cut teh arms and legs off his coveralls, so that it would be easyier for him to drum.


Joey has helped produce many of SlipKnot's songs, he was also involved with producing the video for Marilyn Manson's 'the Fight Song'.

Mask - Joey wears an expressionless Japanese ""kabuki" mask that is now marked up with black + red paint for a darker look. He got the idea when one night (Halloween, mid 80s) his mum was waiting up for him and we he came home trashed , hiding behind the door was his mum in a robe with this Kabuki mask on, he says it scared the fuck out of him. MEANING: "It's open ended and it's got so many different meanings that you can't just pin point, stereotype or pigeon hole. It could be love, beauty, hate, disgust - it's all that stuff in one!"


Memory from SlipKnot/Slayer:  It was hard to see Joey for several reasons, the fact that he was behind an annormous drum kit, and 7 other members, plus the fact i was getting battered to shit. But at the end of the gig he came out the to stage to give the crowd the finger, i was in that crowd....and i couldnt be happier!