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#2 Paul Gray

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Nickname: Balls

Born: April 8, 1972

Paul is co-Founder of SlipKnot along with Shawn (6) and Anders. He is a friendly person with an indulgent personality. Unlike the rest of the band Paul wasn't born in Des Moines, Iowa, He was born in LA, But moved at a young age. He has been in such bands as Vexx, Body Pit, Anal Blast and Inveigh Catharsis all before Slipknot, he has also made an appearance in Davo's band, "The Havenots".

Mask - Paul wears a latex pig's face mask. MEANING: "Right now it represents breathing problems and it's somewhat more uncomfortable than the last ones"


Quote - "When we go to radio stations for interviews, we wear the masks and never fail to freak people out. Are the masks a fetish thing? I'm definitely into that stuff. Des Moines definitely has more than its fair share of freaks."


Memory from SlipKnot/
Slayer: I remember when SlipKnot were Playing Vermillion, they all came out on the stage wearing their black face mask's (looks just like their faces) i wasnt expecting it, as i hadn't seen the Vermillion video yet, Paul was the first one i saw, and i thought 'Fuck there not wearing their mask's.' Corse then i realised. Im such a fool. When we were in the pitt during HateBreed (Support Band) I noticed that a guy wearing a jump suit (SlipKnot one) and a Paul mask, ive never been sure weather it was him or not, it would make sence, they weren't perfomring and its the type of crazy SlipKnot thing to do, but he spoke to me, and wether it was him or not i felt very very happy :D "You going in?" If it was him then that meens Paul Gray tried to get me to mosh with him, corse then i got pushed in any way, which