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#3 Chris Fehn

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Nickname: "Mr. Picklenose"

Born: February 24, 1972

Chris is the soft spoken joker of the band. Hard not to be when your wearing a mask like that. Chris is co-drummer and the first Custom Percussionist. Chris is the comedian of the band. You can here him puking during the bonus track (the part before 'Eeyore'). He is thought to be the most good looking of the band (according to rolling stone magazine). Chris enjoys wanking.....his nose, He can be seen doing this in the 'Spit It Out' video and on any live videos, such as the 'disasterpieces' DVD and in certain shows like Conan O'Brien. There is a rumour that Chris is the original member of the band 'Cuddles'. Course thats just shit.

Quote - "This mask reflects my comic personality. Plus I chose it for the bondage factor. When you put it on, it takes you to another place. Its very hot, its very tight, and it hurts - that goes along with the aggression we create."


Mask - Chris wears a bondage type Pinnochio mask, with a nose about 7-8 inches long. He has several different versions of this mask.
MEANING: "At the moment I have absolutely no idea what this mask means because it's a long time since I had this fucking thing on, but I'll figure it out real fucking quick. Oh but it's all so good..."


Memory from SlipKnot/Slayer: At the time, Chris stood out the most to me, you might say he was my favorite, nothing has really changed but i was looking out for him the most, the main thing i remember him doing was during 'The Blister Exists' it was the part with the military type drumming, Chris and Shawn had these small drums tied to themselves and they marched around the stage playing along with the song, it was really kool.