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#5 Craig Jones

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Nickname: 133 MHz 

Born: Unknown 

Craig gave himself the name 133 MHz because at the time it was the highest MhZ in computers. Of course things have got alot better since then. There are rumours that the over reason he choose this nickname is because, 3+3-1=5, 5 being his number, but apparently this is untrue, just a coinsidence.

Craig was responsible for the first track on the self titled Album. He puts some crazy twists on the CD by adding sounds from movies such as "Carlito's Way" (sic) into the music. Apparently after SlipKnot are finished doing a gig, Craig is independant and secluded from the band. He joined the band as a guitarist, but was replaced by Mick so he could be the sampler. To prevent his eyes being seen in photo shoots he covers them with leather, he also prefers not to take part in interviews, remaining anonymous.


Quote - "Sometimes, when we are working our way up to the stage, we'll shove our way through the crowd. When people see me coming, they mostly get out of the way. But sometimes they don't..."


Mask - He wears a "diver's" (actually a gas station helmet) with nails coming out of the top. Apparently his old mask's "diving helmet" used to be a cheap plastic Sinclair (gas station) racing helmet. His mask, initially when he joined Slipknot,  was a  pantyhose which was accompanied with a SPAM T-shirt to every gig, the mask changed with the change of instrument, to the black helmet. Eventually He painted it black, put nails through it, and put a gas mask on it, a camera flash was added to the top but this was later removed. This mask apparently represented pain.


Memory from SlipKnot/Slayer: Unfortunatly Craig wasn't at the gig, he was back home having an operation but we did sing a song for him.
Corey:"I want you to sing this next fucking song so load that Craig Jones all the way back in America has to put his hands over his fucking ears, This song is called Duality"