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Welcome To My SlipKnot Fan Site! :D
Ok we've got alot to get through, 1 Band, 9 Members, 3 Albums, 56 Songs, And one hell of a gig! You will be able to find any SlipKnot lyric you need once i get the pages set up and there will be some awesome pics of the group, ill post it on the home page when this site is complete, hope you enjoy.


"I think its going to open alot of people eyes and their minds and thier lives, like clown said man ,i meen its probably the darkest thing that ive heard in a long time and im, i was a part of it, you no, so, its definatly gonna make people  go 'jesus christ i forgot what metal was like', you no, plus the song 'iowa' is gonna scare the fuck out of everybody"  
                                           Corey Taylor,
                                    talking about release of second album 'Iowa'

The song you can here now is 'Iowa', it is the last song on the 'Iowa' album, it is one scary-ass song, the lyrics can be viewed on the lyrics page, but dont sit there thinking your computers broke, this song is about 15 minutes long and the vocals dont come in till after about 4 minutes.


February 24th
Happy Birthday to Chris Fehn (3)  Rock On Dude.
March 15th
Happy Birthday to Sid Wilson (0) Woooo

'Before I Forget' 3rd single to be released from Volume 3 The Subliminal Verses, Out now!

April 8th
Happy Birthday to Paul Gray (2) Do do do do